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Nov. 7th, 2011

Christianophobia, ça suffit!


The strong point about the French is that they always complain. Each day of this past week has seen a resurgence of hundreds of traditionalist youth using all means, short of violence, to upset the play of Romeo Castellucci (called On the Concept of the Face, Regarding the Son of God). It presents an old man whose feces are spread over a huge portrait of Christ. This portrait becomes the target of grenades thrown by children whose last message is “You are not my shepherd.”

France has seen enough “cultural” manifestations clearly blaspheming our God. We had seen reactions to The Last Temptation of Christ. The Civitas Institute for the defense of Christ had already demonstrated against the infamous Immersion Piss Christ of the American Andres Serrano. We all know what reaction would ensue if attacks were made on Mohammed or a rabbi. Not only have the authorities refused to move a finger to defend Catholics, but they have reacted harshly against such peaceful manifestations in defense of liberty. A hundred armed policemen encircled the group praying and singing outside the theater. They handcuffed some, and forced 150 praying youths to the police station. In France, the false “liberty of expression” seems to be reserved to the enemies of the Church.

Meanwhile inside the theater, some threw stink bombs and were stopped by the police. Another group also interrupted the show, holding a banner proclaiming “No to Christianophobia” and kneeling until they were taken away by the police who were somewhat delayed by outside demonstrators. But later, another 10 youth dispersed in the crowd rose up and protested one after another before they were expelled.

All in all, the feces lovers’ feast turned outa flop. On another day, 300 youths gathered together to pray before the same Theatre de Ville, including the parish priest of St. Nicholas du  Chardonnet, Fr. Beauvais, who came disguised as a sheik, crying “Praised be Jesus Christ” before he dropped the djellaba and held the megaphone.

Civitas is offering a free juridical assistance to anyone harassed by the civil authorities. It is also reacting to the so-called “undeclared demonstration” by declaring that for five days in early November, they will demonstrate in front of another theater which will show also the blasphemous play. They are organizing a mega demonstration against Christianophobia this coming Saturday.

The mellow speech of the French hierarchy has “condemned the violence perpetrated during the recent spectacles” (a lie), and “promotes the dialogue between culture and faith. The Church of France is neither integrist nor obscurantist. She calls for a liberty of expression respectful of the sacred.” Such sweet talks will not perturb the sleep of the blasphemous play-writer and the all too complacent Paris authorities.

The media for once are bringing the affair under the spotlight. The daily L’Express mentions that “there is developing in France a new barbarism, which endeavors to deny the judeo-Christian heritage, the basis of our civilization.” And Bishop Aillet (let there be at least one!) is congratulating the action of Civitas: “The present christianophobia, prepared by secret offices, does not seem to disturb the morale of our political authorities. Are we about to return to a period of persecution which would tell its name?”

The last word belongs to St. John Chrysostom: “The patience to bear those offenses addressed to us is virtue; but to remain impassible before those which are addressed to God is the epitome of impiety."

More than 5 000 protest in France against Christianophobia


As recently reported, peaceful demonstrations against a Christianophobic play in France have been held several times in the city of Paris, particularly as theatre continues to show this blasphemous production in which a portrait of Christ is attacked with fecal matter.

On Saturday, October 29, a third protest was held in Paris at six o'clock in the evening (noon by Central Standard Time reckoning) and over 5 000 Parisians, clergy and laity, came to participate. A remarkable number considering that the first demonstration in front of the Theatre de Ville during the play's first showing consisted of only 50 traditional Catholic protestors.

The police brutally reacted to this small and peaceful demonstration by pepper-spraying the protestors and severely beating several of the youth. Undeterred, over 200 showed for the second protest with the police responding by the arrest of 140 demonstrators, but worse, by deliberately running over the foot of a young boy with a police car — the boy was taken to the hospital in such serious condition that he might lose his foot.

While considerably a less harsh reaction in comparison to the first two protests, nevertheless the police continued their tactics of using mace and nightsticks on several protestors during Saturday's demonstration.

Thanks be to God for all them who stood up to the blasphemy! Pray for them!